January 19, 2010


Tomorrow my baby turns 1.

I'm so excited and heartbroken all at the same time. It's been an incredible year and the love I have for Sweet Pea is more than I ever imagined. It's wonderful to see the world through her eyes. She has a fabulous personality and loves everyone. Sweet Pea makes friends with everyone when we go out - just like her grandpa. She is the love of my life (and RoadTripDaddy's). Sweet Pea is learning new things every day and constantly amazes me. I can't wait to see what the next year brings but there is part of me that wants her to just stay little. And it's that part that's sad that her first year of life will be done tomorrow.

It's crazy to think what I was doing this time last year:
  • I can't believe a year ago today I was running around JC Penney trying to find just the right curtains for our bedroom and front room.
  • I can't believe that I spent the day worrying if RoadTripDaddy would like what I had picked out.
  • I can't believe I was worried about what my commute would be like the next day. (We had a week of snow at rush hour - twice a day - and I was averaging 2 hours each way on my commute.)
  • I can't believe that I had cooked any meals to freeze and eat when we got home from the hospital. But I was so convinced Sweet Pea would meet her due date or be late that I assumed I had at least one more weekend to make something - or bribe RoadTripDaddy or my dad to make something.
  • I can't believe I assumed the pre-term labor I had gone through (and sent me to the hospital with) didn't trigger more initiative for me to be ready.
  • I can't believe I didn't realize that the next day would be one of the best days of my life.

I can't believe my baby is going to be 1 tomorrow.


  1. I love you both. You mean the world to me. :) Happy 1st Birthday MC. :)


  2. And I can't believe you're doing it again so soon!



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