April 10, 2012

Helen's smile

This morning, RoadTripDaddy's grandmother died.  She was 99 years old.  While my husband was not close with her, it is still a rough day for him.  It is his last grandparent.  The last grandparent between the two of us, as I was in this place 7 years ago.  His father's mother.  Our children's great-grandmother, who I'm thankful they were able to meet and visit on a few occasions.  While I know there will be little to no memory of her for them, I will carry the memories with me. 

I remember bringing the kids to meet Helen for the first time.  I remember her eyes lighting up as she held Monkey.  They were in awe of each other and it was so sweet.  Sweet Pea was timid around Helen during our visit, choosing instead to look out the windows of the nursing room cafeteria and wander around the room.  She loved the attention she received from the nurses and other patients and therefore, chose her audience.  But Monkey, he was happy to have the attention of Helen. 

I have spent the day reminded of Helen's smile when she met Monkey.  And while this day, week and month have left me stressed beyond belief, that smile and joy are keeping me afloat today.


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