April 30, 2009

Great Start

Two weeks into blogging and I'm already slacking.  Such a procrastinator you say.  But I have my reasons.  Last Wednesday, Sweet Pea got sick.  And then Friday, I got sick.  And then Saturday, my husband (who never gets sick) got sick.  

It started with a stuffed up nose and not a lot of sleeping on my part.  Sweet Pea was sleeping, but she was so stuffed up that it was causing her to cough every 15-20 minutes and shift in her sleep.  She was finally forced to breathe through her mouth.  While it didn't seem to affect her sleep, every time I heard her I woke up to make sure she was still breathing.  It was the same thing for my husband.  We woke up Thursday morning totally exhausted.  By Friday night what I thought were allergies due to the crazy up and down Chicago temperatures, was pretty much confirmed to be a cold.  I was absolutely miserable.  Having not been sick almost my entire pregnancy and not at all since I had Sweet Pea, I wasn't the happiest person.  Grateful it was the weekend, I just prayed to get some sleep and was happy to sleep in the next morning. (Read - I woke up at 6:30 instead of 5 am.)  The rest of the weekend continued with lots of stuffy noses, sore bodies and as much sleep as we could get.

I thought I was better until yesterday morning when I was convinced I had been run over by a bus.  I felt awful.  A quick call to the doctor in the morning and a visit shortly after confirmed that no I did not have the flu (or the swine flu) and indeed just a virus and I should feel better soon.  The doctor gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and said I can wait out the virus or take these and possibly feel better a little sooner.  I chose the antibiotics.  Here's hoping I'm back to 100% soon.  In the meantime, Sweet Pea sounds much better.  I'm thinking she should be good as new tomorrow.  Just in time for us to head to Michigan for a family baby shower.

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  1. Sorry to hear you've not been well and hope that by the time you read this rthings are back to healthy normal! You do know that taking antibiotics when you have a virus isn't going to make any difference don't you? Antibiotics only attack bacteria, and that would be ALL the bacteria in your body including the good stuff, so now I suggest you get a pro and pre biotic to replace the good stuff or you'll be going down with something else again soon - us sleep deprived mums have to stick together! LOL!!


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