June 3, 2009

Mother's Day Part II

After the Walk to Empower event, LA and I headed back home.  When I got home, my husband was working on some landscaping for the front of our house.  I had mentioned several times how much I hated three of the bushes that were part of the landscaping when we bought our house.  To my surprise and delight, the bushes were now ripped from the ground and replaced with hostas and flowers.  My husband stopped what he was doing when I got home to proudly show off his handy work. 

The plan for the rest of the night was to head over to my parents house and have dinner together.  I went in the house to get ready and after a quick shower, I grabbed a pair of lightweight khaki cargo pants and a dark blue t-shirt.  I put my still wet hair back in a ponytail and went outside to tell the hubby that I was ready.  I had mentioned that I wanted to get some pictures of Sweet Pea in the grass since she had never been in it.  I grabbed her and the camera and we set out to capture this first moment.  Sweet Pea seemed to like the grass while she was standing.  Once I sat her down, we captured these two pictures before Sweet Pea decided she had enough. 

I took the camera back inside and let my husband know I was ready to go whenever he was ready.  I got the once over from him and "You're going to wear that?  I thought you were going to wear a dress."  I reluctantly pulled a dress out of my closet, went back to the bathroom to shave my legs and got changed.  

Once we got to my parents house, I opened a couple presents and figured out that we weren't having dinner there.  I figured we would be heading out so I left Sweet Pea in her carseat until we were ready to go.  I was then surprised to find out that Sweet Pea would be watched by my parents while we went on a date.  My husband took me out of a great dinner and we really enjoyed spending a few hours out.  We had a wonderful time out and then hurried to pick up Sweet Pea and head home.  My first Mother's Day was wonderful!  

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  1. Awww.... I'm so glad that you had a fantastic first Mother's Day!!! It's only the first of many!!! :)


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